Types Of Social Media Marketing And Its Benefits

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Social Media Marketing Channels

The 6 Most powerful Types of Social Media marketing in 2019

Although we have thousands of marketing strategies, there is only one can that brings in expected sales from day one: social media advertising.

What Are the Benefits of Advertising on Social Media Channels?

Plenty of channels require a considerable lead time to yield on Return of interest. To go with social media advertising, one can have continuous sales showing up from day one of your website going live.

While considering on the twenty-first-century e-commerce sites, the potential to instantly and regularly get in new customers is a BIG deal. Even though you can not earn the net positive revenue on the introductory sale; referrals, email marketing, and customer retention could pay off you considerably with every marginal customer.

This is the reason why global social advertisings investment doubled from $11 billion in 2015 to $25 billion in 2018 and is expected to increase another 30% in 2019.

We will now explore how one can drive consistent sales for the website through social media advertising.

Let’s look at some of the most popular social media platforms, I will share you some of the innovative tactics and tips for wheeling your campaigns, and tell you how to competently handle multi-channel advertising without getting lost.

Let’s get this started.

The various types of Social Media Platforms that serve Ads:

  • Social networking PlatformsFacebook, LinkedIn, Google+.
  • Microblogging Platforms– Twitter, Tumblr.
  • Photo sharing Platforms– Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest.
  • Video sharing Platforms– DAILYMOTION, TWITCH, Periscope, LIVELEAK, Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook Live, etc.

Few more websites to post videos

  • Vine – a website with thousands of interesting 6-second-long looped videos.
  • StupidVideos– best collection of funny and stupid videos from across the web and TV
  • Ustream– a video streaming service for the business owners and media
  • Flickr – is Yahoo!’s service, a place to host your images and videos
  • Facebook and Instagram–it takes on user-generated videos
  • CollegeHumor – is one of the popular and best comedy sites with thousands of funny videos.

In 2019, you have 6 different social media channels that will show you proven ad strategies and generate a regular flow of ROI.

The best places for you to invest your ad money right away are: –

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Snapchat

Benefits of Advertising Using Social Media Include:

  • Helps grow your sales and the fanbase
  • Use consumer-generated content for ads; that perform better!
  • Target with net new and the returning customers; so that, you don’t get to waste money

Facebook Advertising

What are the benefits of Facebook?

Create Bigger Exposure to Potential Customers

2.27 BILLION USERS monthly worldwide. When your business is finding difficulty in getting new customers on Facebook, then you should definitely evaluate your line of work.

Marketing Expenses are Lower

$0 is what exactly that will cost you in starting a Facebook business page. Maybe you will have to pay a graphic artist to design your profile picture and cover photo – but that’s not necessary. Just by using photographs, to take of your business is enough to work. To get you rolling on with your page will costs you nothing; but you will have to start paying for ads to get page Likes, running Sponsored Stories and boosting posts — all of this should be done to your page. Facebook ads are comparatively inexpensive when compared with radio or TV ads and traditional print, — but Facebook ads are 10,000 times more targeted.

Reaching a Targeted Audience

If you’re a running a local business, all you need to do is direct your ads to target customers who are within a radius off 10-15-mile. Maybe the ads will cost you more, but the potential customers and their Likes are rocket arm. With Facebook ads, you can depend upon–when the ad is correctly targeted.

Building Brand Loyalty

When your followers know that you are being active & responsive, then you tend to get much more business likely to do with you, rather than choosing a company with no Facebook presence or a low run page.

Increase Your Web Traffic

Intelligent Facebook page owners utilize their pages for driving traffic to their websites. Kick off by using link posts to drive more traffic to your site. The best thing about link posts is Facebook is that they have started generating a full-width thumbnail image if the one is available on your website. This is because they attract more attention, the wider the images, the more likely to get clicked.

Benefits of Twitter for Business

Decide to sign up with Twitter only if you can be committed to the regular tweeting with regards to the things your customers might find interesting, and moreover only if your present and potential customer base fit the Twitter user profile.

Twitter has various uses and benefits for business and can balance other socializing channels.


Twitter is a mode to keep your followers updated with the red-hot stylish and trendy current information relating to your business. Beneficially, it allows followers to communicate with you too

Generating Leads

Tweeting relating to special offers and new products that will inspire your followers to know more, that will positively lead to sales.

Showing your brand’s personality

Twitter creates an image of your brand. Tweeting about your brand personality and people around you lets the followers sense your business more than just as a supplier of goods or services.

Researching trends

Twitter will tell you the trending topics of the minute and lets you watch what Twitter users are talking about your brand, competitors and your product grade.

Twitter’s business pages also give information with regards to a small business called as a Twitter guide.

LinkedIn Premium Benefits

Is LinkedIn Premium really worth your money?

Though I am personally a LinkedIn Premium user, I’m still not prepared to ask everyone to use it because that’s simply not true. I do get some value in using LinkedIn Premium because I definitely make use of the additional features that are provided.

The 4 different types of general LinkedIn Premium account that they have are:

  • Free
  • Business
  • Business Plus
  • Executive

They also have 3 specialized versions of LinkedIn Premium that provide three different types of users:

  • Recruiters
  • Job Seekers
  • Sales Professionals alias LinkedIn Sales Navigator

If you’re an active user of LinkedIn using it for the purpose of social selling tool, these are the few reasons why it is advisable to go premium.

Additional Search Filters

One of the top most valuable tools used in LinkedIn is the advanced search. Here the advanced search results that are shown in LinkedIn is absolutely reliable because LinkedIn pulls out the results from the content of the people’s profiles where they actually share more information that is not frequently found on sites like Facebook or even Google+.

One Can carry out Reference Searches

If you are looking for a reliable feedback for a new prospect or a job candidate? A reference search tool is exclusively available only to LinkedIn Premium members to quickly pull out a list of people who have worked in the same company as the person you’re trying to know more about.


Sometimes you don’t get time to connect with someone “from end to end” and requires a bit of shortcut. InMails is a great way to grab the attention of people who are outside your network, that gives you a diverse forbidden ability: that is sending private messages to 2nd and 3rd level connections.InMails are costly and potential prospects may not pay to reach out to you.

Are You a LinkedIn Premium User?

Do not consider this post as a promotion for LinkedIn Premium. I don’t find the features to be very interesting and they are not going to be useful to you in any way, in that case, you can just continue using the free account. I highly recommend the free account to many clients and friends, but will not be able to take advantage of the additional benefits.


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