Tips And Tricks To Rank The Website On Top Of The Google Search Engine

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How to rank a website on google?

SEO is nevertheless the most trustworthy source to generate traffic for the website. In accordance with the reports, 70% of the traffic is generated through search engines. Through this article, you will get to know the top Professional Tips and tricks of SEO which will help you rank your website better in search results. You can also check the free google rank checker. This Google website rank checker will show the performance of your website. All you need to do just put in up to 10 keywords, and then add your domain and select the version of your Google to get the exact real-time results.

Shoot up the Speed of your Website

Slow loading will make users to leave the site, that leads to higher bounce rate, which will directly affect the SEO factors. It is always recommended to make a simple, modest and fast website. In line with Google Mobile Update, speedier websites rank a cut above in mobile search results.

To improve the speed of your website, these are the tips to be considered:

  1. Try not to use 3rd party integration plugins like Twitter Feed, Facebook Likebox etc.
  2. Adopt a Fast hosting service provider
  3. Image Optimization on the site
  4. To increase performance use a W3Total Cache plugin
  5. Remove additional plugins in WordPress

Rich Snippets

To strengthen your search results, use rich snippets. Things that will help you build up the CTR of the website via search engines are review snippets, events snippets, aggregate ratings, and video.

Sharing Links on Social Media Platforms

Social media has been ignored by many SEO experts while implementing the SEO strategy. Your content on social media can be shared by the user when added on the social sharing options in the site. By doing this, it will help in generating social media links and increase the connection with the article.

Create Quality Backlinks Only

The most common mistakes that are made by SEO experts are creating low-quality links to increase their ranking, but by doing this your site will be penalized due to low-quality links. To avoid such problems approaching your site, try and create quality links through Press Release, Guest Blog, Resource sharing etc.

Long Tail Keywords

Many SEO experts are getting stuck with the ranking for short tail keywords. The reason behind it is the Search Volume. But the high-volume keywords have extremely high competition if it is ignored here are chances of decreases in the ranking.

My suggestion would be to find the long tail information and open-end queries connected to customer business and rank higher for those keywords.

Example: If my client is a Wedding Organizer. Then instead of focusing on “wedding organizers” keyword choose keywords like “wedding organizers in Bangalore”, “best wedding celebration organizers Bangalore” etc for quick results.

Design Meta Description with appropriate Call to Action

The meta description is an aspect that is noticeable to users during the search results. Therefore, it must be related to keywords and must motivate the user action. Avoid using a similar pattern on all the pages, alternatively, use custom patterns and keywords depending on the subject.

Syntactic Keywords Targeting

Content writers mostly focus only on specific keywords that increase the keyword density and frequency. The most effective reach would be to use syntactic relevant keywords to increase ranking for multiple keywords that are relevant to the topic.

Example: Subject is Wedding Organisers/ Planners for this you can use keywords like decorations, decorating, themes, planners, bride, the bridegroom, wedding celebration, wedding party, wedding themes, wedding planners, premium wedding planners, organizing, organizers etc. to reach a vaster audience.

Custom Titles with syntactic Keywords

The most essential element of on-page SEO will be the Title of the page. Try using correct keywords without over-optimization. For branding purpose, make sure to end the title with your business name.

Example: Best wedding Organizers – Wedding Themes Designs @ Affordable Prices in Bangalore | (Your Company Name)

Attractive Website Content

The key element of your SEO ranking is in your content. Never try to enhance your content too much using keywords. Keep the content simple, engaging and meaningful, make sure it includes all the required target keywords for the page.

Add YouTube Videos in your page.

The research reports say, that most of the website users spend almost 30 seconds on the website. Therefore, in a short span of time, we should bring out the users interest to stay on the website. When a website provides all the required information the user wants, then this is going to help with better user experience. The possibility of conversion will increase when the user spends more time on your website. So adding YouTube video on your website is an added advantage.


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