Steps To Write Perfect SEO Based Articles In WordPress

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Steps to write article

The most useful approach to increase web traffic to your blog posts is only by keeping them as search engine friendly as they could.

In the future race, Search Engine Optimization is the one that will help you attract traffic from already published posts.

The quality of a blog is the one that majorly impacts the increase. Each and every blog post can be in comparison with a web page as much as search engine rankings are active. Consequently, every post could be created with rich keywords to boost its search engine ranking.

Let’s check out how to write SEO optimized articles in WordPress:

Post Title and Meta Title

Firstly, let us understand the difference between post title and meta title.

Post title: How your reader will view the title of the post on your website.

Post meta title: How the search engines will display your post in search results.

In case you did not specify a meta title in your SEO settings, then your post title will be considered as the meta title.

It is essential to include keywords in the meta

Your post titles should have less than 66 characters.

Post Meta Description

Most of the popular SEO plugins enables one to add meta descriptions to their post. These descriptions will play a significant role in search engine ranking.

Assume meta description as a sales deal for your blog post.

You need to create a description and add your keywords in 156 characters in and that should be attractive and tempting enough for the users to click on it.

If you have not added a meta description in any of your older posts, you should get back to your previously published posts and add one.

Meta descriptions are the strong place to add keywords. By upgrading your post meta descriptions, you are making sure that every post you are writing has the capability to drive the highest amount of traffic to your site.

each blog post is being considered as a different web page by Google, therefore every post will rank for certain keywords.

Image Alt Attribute

Google cannot read images.

Google recognizes an image only through text.

For search engines to understand what an image is about, you need to add proper image names.

Most people make mistakes in uploading images with names like image001.jpg.

While naming an image, the name should be relevant to the image itself.

For example, when you add a screenshot of an Apple iPhone, and you name the image “Apple”, it might not be targeted. Instead, you need to use a name like “Apple-iPhone”.

There is an effective plugin named SEO Friendly Image in WordPress; that uses the image name as its “alt (alternate text) attributes”. Hence, just as people search for at Google Image Search, they will arrive on an image on one of your blog posts.

If you are not interested in using such a plugin, you could always manually add alt attributes to upload an image.

There are positive results shown while using keywords in an image anchor text, therefore use keywords in your image alt text.

Interlink and Anchor Text

Whenever you write a new post, you should link it back to your old blog posts, this a great idea to keep your readers stick around your site for a longer time and moreover, the search engines will re-crawl these old posts.

This helps in better accessibility of your site which helps in reducing the bounce rate.

One more important SEO factor is, as you interlink, you need to use the anchor text technique.

Simply add: while you link to a blog post, you get an option to simply add a link and a title.

Don’t forget to fill out the post title with the important keywords for the post that you would be linking to.

Interlinking-in-WordPress: Use a plugin named SEO Smart Links for automatic internal linking.

Permalinks: Remove stop words

How to edit-post-permalink

When a post is written, the post titles normally come with a lot of stop words.

For a broad list of stop words: Try these websites.

Well for an example, when you write a post with the title: 3 different Ways to create a Blog Career Plan your post permalink, by default, would be:

“To” and “a“ are the stop words in the above-given example.

You could click on edit permalink and change the permalink to “blog-career-plan”, consequently removing the stop words.

Kindly Note: Do not change the post permalink once you have published the post.

H1, H2, H3 Headings

Thesis post styling feature is used to create the style of your blog posts.

This is good, but do not ignore the most important aspects of SEO:

Use proper H1, H2, and H3 heading tags.

In any SEO-optimized theme- by default, the post title is an H1 heading tag. Next, for the sub-heading, use an H2 heading, and then H3 heading, and so on.

Especially when you are writing a long post, it is a good idea to use proper heading tags for an effective SEO writing.

Closing Checklist:

Keywords in titles– Add Post title for the readers & meta title for the search engine.

Post meta description – Modify it for high-quality CTR and once use the target keyword.

Image Alt text – Add keywords.

Interlink within your post by using good anchor text.

Post permalink – remove all the stop words from permalink.

Add proper heading tags – keywords in H1, H2, H3 tags.

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  2. I simply wanted to write down a quick word to say thanks to you for
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