SEO Auditing And How To Do SEO Auditing For Website

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SEO Auditing For Website

How to do an SEO Audit for Your Website

Executing a search engine optimization audit (SEO Audit) for your website is quite important for a lot of reasons.

To begin with, try identifying areas that are problematic and which requires an improvement and then create an action plan to fix them. Next, a perfect SEO audit will support your website timely with the latest advancements in search marketing and ahead of the competition.

What is an SEO audit?

Instead of directly getting into the information on how to perform an SEO audit, it is important to know what it means and what to expect in the end result.

An SEO audit is a procedure in checking the friendliness of a search engine within a website in many fields. Even if there are several tools one can use to SEO audit a website, the best way is to execute an audit by following a guide; similar to the one you will be reading now, or just hire an SEO Auditor to complete the work for you.

The SEO auditor will manually audit your website and come up with some guidance of what is required to be corrected (since it is wrong) and what change is required to improve the performance of your website in search engines.

Why should one SEO audit his website periodically?

In an SEO industry situations keeps changing, what works today might not work in another 6 months from now. Google apparently creates thousands of updates to their ranking algorithm every year. While an SEO audit could help you stay in sync. It is important to complete a regular SEO audits at most twice a year to make sure that your website is updated with the advanced changes.

Initially, all that you have to do is to identify the problem areas which need improvement and then craft an action plan to change them. Next, to keep your website updated with the advanced changes in search marketing, a good SEO audit will place you on top in the battle.

The website will be manually reviewed by the SEO auditor and they will come up with a list of recommendations of what is required to be fixed since it was wrong and what is required to be changed so that the performance of the website in search engines is improved.

How to implement an SEO Audit by yourself?

Now you are aware that every website needs an SEO audit to be performed, now let’s have a look at how to perform your own audit.

There are the seven steps that are required to perform an SEO audit process to your site, which will just take less than an hour with these best SEO tool audits.

Kick start your audit with a crawl.

One of the most essential steps in the SEO audit is the crawl, that will just take 5 minutes.

Firstly, start with the crawl of your website. You can try with the tools like:



Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool


The above-mentioned are some of the popular tools in the industry that will give you a huge foundation to get on with it.

Kindly remember that the Screaming Frog contains limitations for the free version, along with the maximum crawl limit of 500 URLs.

crawlers don’t just find different errors like bad keywords, poor images, broken links and page title issues. They also help you pick out unlinked pages, duplicate content and excess redirects.

Just one version of your site should be browseable

Your site must work along with, all the permutations of the same URL.

If your website itself have multiple “versions”, it means you are giving the search engine a combined message on how to crawl your site.

Actually, the crawlers will not know which one is the correct one. Moreover, if search engines are not able to show your site to the expected traffic, then your site’s SEO ranking is going to be negatively impacted. This can be clashing with mobile and desktop version with one another.

Instead, it could be the discrepancy between the duplicate “https” version and a non-” https” version offending the SEO ranking.

Despite that, apparently, the websites without SSL protection are been strongly disapproved on Google SEO as of now.

Google is now taking action to crack it down make it more identified, for those sites that have SSL protection and for those that do not have. Chrome has started marking pages as “Not secure” to make it clearer. With the recent changes from Google, it shows that you will have to ensure that your websites use only “https.”

Manage on-page SEO checks

As your evaluating your site and the results from your crawl, there are now plenty of things you must check to make sure your site is perfectly optimized.

Begin, looking for headers, duplicate pages, and title tags.

If there are a lot of contents published with similar themes; Few that are clearly-unrelated, those contents will appear in the crawl.

No worries if you’re finding duplicates of the same content. You can use a tool named Copyscape to help evaluate unrealized SEO problems arising from duplicate content. Thereafter, closely analyze a few important criteria that Google evaluates in their rankings i.e. Page Titles and Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, Clear Hierarchy, and Keyword Placement.

Handle your internal & external links

Sites with consistent ranking have improved SEO positions.

This is the reason you have to test your internal and external links.

Frequently we could find broken links on your site, which can result in web pages to be deleted or moved.

This need not be done manually, do not worry.

Xenu Sleuthand Integrity both these tools are downloadable, they will help you identify your broken links on the site, and both these tools would be easy to use and download. (Note: Integrity works only for Mac.)

Check your site speed

You know that we humans are so impatient and Google knows this.

Well, the customers will not want to continue. The slower your page takes to load; the chance is more than your customer will jump. Due to this reason, Google is going to take now how do you prepare?

All that you need to do is, check your site speed, and this can be helped by Google’s Page Speed Insights.

Use your analytics and correlate your site metrics

All that you need to know here is about your analytics services like Google Analytics, Kissmetrics, etc.which reports live metric data.

It checks if your code is installed correctly not installed correctly, and if needs to be fixed.

You will have to use Google Analytics, you should place the tracker code above the header of each web page.

Once the analytics service is up and running, you can compare the metric data with the results of your previous “site: root domain” search.

Make sure the number of pages showing in your metric data must be almost matching to the number of pages from the “site: root domain” search.

If they are not matching, then certainly the pages aren’t accepting the crawl requests.

Assess your off-site SEO and carry out a backlink audit

Backlinks are important for the success of SEO.

Google and other search engines will know the page that is particularly relevant and other users will also find it useful.

Hyperlinks aren’t the only job the crawlers are looking for in off-site SEO. They give importance to both on and off your site. Complete your backlink audit. Finally, ensure to engage with social media.


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  2. Informative blog … quite useful for student who is learning Digital Marketing and willing to persue a career in digital marketing

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