Meaning Of SEO and Benefits of SEO

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Benefits Of SEO

What is SEO and its Benefits?

SEO, commonly known as Search Engine Optimization, is the technique of building up more traffic through free, organic, natural or article search results on the search engines. It is mostly a method that benefits the search engines to discover and rank your website much greater than millions of other evident websites, in reply to a search query. Therefore, SEO helps you brilliantly in attracting enormous traffic from the search engines.

Let’s understand the actually Meaning of SEO in digital marketing, it is a method of creating; a quick find to the web page, crawl quickly and categorize quickly. This is about helping your customers find your business from among millions of other companies.

How about breaking down the sentences and looking at the parts:

Quality of traffic is attracting all the visitors in the world, however, if they’re getting into your site because Google tells them you’re a resource for Hotels in Indiana; when really, your hotels are at India, that is not quality traffic. Rather you want to attract visitors who are actually interested in products that you offer.

The quantity of traffic-When you have the right people clicking through, out of the particular search engine results pages (SERPs), increased traffic is better.

Organic results- Ads create a significant portion of many SERPs. Any traffic that you don’t have to pay for is Organic traffic.

Benefits of SEO

There are various benefits of SEO that will blow your mind, let’s look through some of them.

  • SEO a long-term strategy: SEO is a long-term strategy, it may even take 6-12 months to see choicest rankings. Even though it takes time to move up the rankings, it takes time to move down the rankings. Once you are placed on to the top positions, you hardly come down. The only reason this situation could change is due to a rise in SEO competition or changes in the Google algorithm.
  • 90% more clicks in SEO than PPCSEO out does paid advertising. The reason is that 90% of clicks are received in organic SEO listings. Many search engines users tend to avoid paid advertisements. This is logical, because of their trust in Google’s algorithm. Your investment in SEO will lead to more traffic than the advertisers with the same keywords.
  • SEO increases the website referrals: You will benefit more website referrals from search engines. Furthermore, your website visitors are in all probability to refer your website to their friends. A strong SEO presence will increase your referrals, completely and figuratively! Therefore, SEO will increase your website referrals.
  • SEO can give smaller businesses a lead on larger companies: Small business operators may find it difficult to outdo larger competitors in AdWords. Whatsoever, an effective SEO strategy is a way to gain higher rankings. Whilst larger companies trust advertising, you can always trust a brainy SEO strategy, go on to the secret door to catch your customers.
  • SEO helps in increasing the value of your business: The value of your business increases as your SEO rankings rise. when you are in a market to sell your business, you can find many buyers with strong SEO rankings as a valuable immaterial asset. This is acceptable because SEO rankings tend to claim its value and sustain over the years.
  • SEO helps in boosting your social media followers: SEO will add-in a greater number of social media followers. When the visitors are researching on your website, they are most likely to click on the social media icons to follow you, with an effective SEO campaign you can generate millions of website visitors, with which you can expect to alter into a predicted number of followers.
  • SEO increases your email newsletter subscribers: SEO helps in increasing your email newsletter subscribers. When you have an email newsletter signup form on your website, you can definitely expect more subscribers as your rankings increases. This will happen because you are receiving more traffic and more exposure to your website. For more excellent results, come up with an incentive plan on your website for those who subscribe to your email newsletter.
  • Increase your blog traffic with SEO: Blog traffic tends to get increased with SEO. You can find a few things happening when your website’s authority rises with search engines. Your individual ranking in Google for your blog will rise. The content in your blog is more likely to be found on Google. Finally, you will most likely benefit the number of referral traffic from your website that helps in promoting your blog throughout the website.
  • Your website’s click-through-rate increases with SEO: Having a high SEO ranking will increase your website’s click-through-rate. Or, vice versa. To improve your SEO, you must have a high click-through-rate. Click-through-rate is the number of people who clicked on to your website divided by the number of people you reached.
  • SEO is mobile: The future of online is Mobiles. Moreover, 60% of Internet users are all mobile. This is definitely going to increase. As you are optimizing your website for SEO, the marketing strategy for the next generation is also getting prepared. Create a website that is mobile-friendly. Whilst, search engines will favor your website for optimizing your site to mobile.
  • SEO helps in eliminating cold-calling and other traditional strategies: Investing in SEO will stop you from passing out flyers and advertising in magazines that don’t show expected results? Tring out old-fashioned cold calling and irritating people who would never want to buy from you. SEO puts on a full stop to all these problems.
  • One of the smartest marketing investment you can make would be SEO: You will find endless benefits with SEO, it is one of the smartest marketing investment ones can make; a long-term asset to your business, that generates traffic, leads, and sales. No advertising is required. Your customers are already looking on it right now. You will find your competitor is growing his business significantly from it. Are you looking to grow your business without any kind of cold calling, networking, or with other types of “push” advertising? Then what are you waiting for, invest in an SEO campaign today?


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