How To Target The Audience By Using Twitter And LinkedIn

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Target The Audience By Using Twitter And LinkedIn

Is it challenging to generate organic leads using Twitter and LinkedIn?

Did you try paid social media advertising?

Twitter and LinkedIn offer a helping hand to target your leads in a cost-effective way.

In this article, you will explore six choices to target clients using Twitter and LinkedIn advertising.

LinkedIn Users:

  • 590 million Users as of June 2018
  • 260 million active users as of June 2018
  • They at least have 2 new LinkedIn users every second
  • More than 70% of LinkedIn users are from outside the US
  • They have 61% Senior Level Influencers and 40 million in Decision-making positions
  • They are one of the best B2B marketers in distributing content

Targeting benefits for LinkedIn Advertising

Connect with Senior Decision Makers

LinkedIn sponsored are considered as the most expensive paid social media advertising option, cost for the marketers is $4 per click on average. yet, there is a saying, you get for what you pay.

With this high cost, you get an additional value, that includes access to most of the audience whom you can target, this option is hardly found in any paid social media marketing platform. What more with flexibility like this, you will now pinpoint your audiences highly specific on LinkedIn.

What is that you are looking in leads, you just want to be noticed by all the competitors’ long-term clients. And of course, you will want to convert all the competitor’s customers into your customers. In this case, you can now target your sponsored updates by the clients’ key decision makers.

To get information regarding the companies and decision makers, check with your sales department for feedback, value buyer personas and explore the data from outbound marketing, then to target, you can now outline the client acquisition wish list with company names from LinkedIn.

Once your list has been gathered, design your sponsored update with two filtering options:

  • Seniority or Job Function
  • Companies

I have a list that as common information like same industry, same size, etc. then maybe, you can confidently go about on which department handles the decision making, adopt Job Function.

If you are having a diversified list like varying number of employees and managing departments, it’s better to stay with to Seniority targeting itself like Owner, President, Vice President just to avoid mistakenly not including decision makers.

Identify Subject Matter Experts

Try using the Skill keywords option onto a LinkedIn sponsored update. It helps you in targeting individuals who work on particular tools like software and programs that will exactly match the industry.

You can have a list for Skills keywords, it’s a list of advertisement to individuals who have listed their skills in their LinkedIn profile. when you pair this filter with the other filters like Job Function and seniority, the sponsored update will reach the decision makers with accurate and specific expertise.

You could also consider general abilities here, or you could just stay with specialized skills within a specified audience. When you consider general abilities, you might also pull in less-than-ideal clients. Hold back general abilities while using the broader Companies filter like Graphic Design vs. Photoshop.

As you will be targeting specific skill sets, now you will be communicating to clients who are already familiar with your competition, so now you should compare and set your solutions that will fit within their current workflow.

Target Gender-Specific Audiences

May or May not your product or service be a gender-specific, you will get more attention by designing a LinkedIn sponsored update that will address particular business tasks unique to men or women. Your interest in those tasks will exhibit an emotional connection to your brand. Wisely use the gender-specific targeting. Share contents wisely that is appealing.

keep out Keywords

A number of marketers who use LinkedIn sponsored updates quite often skip the option to keep out targeting categories.

Excluding certain categories lets, you go in front of an even narrower audience and avoid overlapping with all the unwanted audiences.

Twitter Users:

  • 326 million active users as of October 2018
  • 500 million Tweets sent per day, as of June 2018
  • 80% of Twitter is used on mobiles
  • 100 million daily active users
  • All internet males who use Twitter are 24%
  • All internet females who use Twitter are 21%
  • Approximately 46% of users are on twitter platform
  • 37% of the twitters users age group is between 18 to 29
  • 25% users age group 30 to 49

Targeting Options for Twitter Advertising

Appeal to Similar Audiences

Twitter’s are budget-friendly, their promoted tweets cost just about $0.55 per click. Twitter is great when you want to build authority, make your presence felt, create an impact in a new market or by an awaited client.

Promoted tweets allow you target followers who have a similar account compared to those of your company’s larger competitors. A fashionable way to do this would be to use the Interests and Followers filter.

BY using the Interests and Followers target does not guarantee you that you can directly communicate with a competitor account’s following (it is only similar followers), but with many of the similar companies, you can find the same shared engaged audience.

Use Keywords

  • The next best popularly promoted tweet filter is Keywords.
  • With this keyword campaign, you can achieve three things:
  • Introduce yourself to qualified leads,
  • Bring inattention to your expertise, and
  • Form yourself as a resource

Target on keywords based on known customer pain points, rather than building a promoted tweet campaign around interests relevant to your product or service.

You could address your potential client with a promoted tweet. Grease your own content and direct the leads to the resources that will solve their problems.

As you will be creating a list of words to target, add on the competitor names. Smart Twitter users generally search for company names before following them to consider the company’s popularity or posting history. Promoting a tweet or an account to arrive in that search focuses you at the top in the results for the potential clients.

Wrapping Up

Twitter and LinkedIn are fabulous building up their niche targeting methods to balance the complex sales process.

By designing your marketing strategies to account for stats like these, small businesses could make the best use of the effectiveness of their social media efforts and target on reaching their desired audiences. Furthermore, small businesses who will want to target a huge variety of users of all ages, incomes, and education levels will be able to do it so advantageously by using these two social media advertisers.


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