How To Plan And Run a Successful PPC Campaign To Generate Leads

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Plan And Run a Successful PPC Campaign To Generate Leads

A Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign is one of the most famous models used in attracting targeted visitors for a website and converting those into buyers. For this, an advertiser should make payments for the ads published online purely based upon the qualifying clicks. This conveys that the payments are made only when a visitor clicks on the advertisement for visiting the website or the landing page.

How to Create PPC Campaign

  • Let’s start your campaign,
  • Go to,
  • Click on “Get started” button,
  • Sign up for an AdWords account.
  • Are you logged in now?
  • OK well, click on “Create your first campaign” button.

Selecting the campaign type and name – Select the campaign type—since you are just starting off, try with “Search Network only” option, now give in your campaign a name. Next, take off the tick next to “Include search partners” as of now (you can always make changes later).

Choose the geographic location- The location where you would like your ads to show. You can select on how large or small a geographic area you want to target.

Choose your “Bid strategy,”- Decide on your daily budget and you can set it now. Change the default “Bid strategy” to manually set my bids for clicks.

“Ad Extensions” Just ignore this section for now. Yes, it is an important part for any campaign, do this after you’ve completed all the nine steps.

Now just Click “Save and continue.”

Headline: You can write up to 25 characters of text- use the keywords in your headline, use abbreviations or shorter synonyms.

2nd line: You can write up to 35 characters- describe the benefit on the second line, followed by a feature or an offer on the third line.

3rd line: You can write up to 35 characters- The display URL should have the same domain as your site, though the URL doesn’t have to be the specific landing page that you want to take people to.

4th line: This line is your actual destination URL, or your any specific chosen landing page. You can also add your tracking link here.

Insert your keywords– Add in your keywords. Start off with a set, and signs like plus signs (+), brackets ([]), and quotes (“) to precisely know how many searches you received for each type. As you are just starting off, don’t try to dump in hundreds of keywords at a time. Just use a small handful of important ones, and start off from there.

Set your maximum cost-per-click–You can now set your maximum price-per-click (named your “default bid”).Note: Every keyword is apparently a different market, it means each keyword will require a bid price for its own. Google will allow you to set individual bids for each keyword later.

Review the whole lot – Double-check your ad and keywords, cost-per-click and your daily budget.

Enter your billing information – Your ads will be ready for display once you confirm your payment information. Good Luck! You are now set to go.

How to Start a PPC Campaign

Decide your goal(s): What is your goal, is it to increase sales, subscribers, or your brand awareness, it is quite important to know what it is before you kick start, otherwise you will end up running your ads on the wrong direction and realizing it very late.

Decide on a budget: decide on your budget, with PPC campaign as an advertiser you will be paying on the basis, as of a number of clicks.

list your keywords and Finalize them: The most important feature for the success of your Pay Per Click campaign is a selection of the right keywords.

Use targeted keywords, take help of the various keywords tools like; Google Keywords tool, Wordtracker etc. To get your work done in a professional way, hire a specialist team of PPC experts.

Bid on the right keywords: Bid on the keywords that convey your online business, products or services to get more conversions and generate good ROI (Return on investment). Cut in to, separate your keywords for different ads. Create an eye-catching headline for your campaign.

Design attractive ad copies: To run a successful PPC campaign, the ad copies need to be attractive and interesting that will encourage viewers to buy your product.

Design landing pages: Design a unique landing page with a good call to action features.

At no time fool your visitors: In concert with your PPC campaigns, always tell the truth with regards to your business or services. If the visitors don’t find the promised things in your ad copy, this will lead your site to negative publicity. You will end up spending a huge amount of money that will not fetch you with conversions.

Optimize PPC campaign regularly and Use more PPC search engines: To get more visitors and better conversions, run your PPC ads on more than one PPC search engines.

Create a remarketing campaign: Were you aware that on average 98% of visitors will be converted on the first time? Create a retargeting campaign to offer yourself another chance to convert traffic who is already familiar with your brand.

How to run a Successful AdWords PPC Campaign

Step 1: Learn What AdWords Is For

It’s essential to understand the strengths and weaknesses of an AdWords campaign, even before you invest a single dollar into it. AdWords works fabulously for highly targeted, measurable and rapid results which will lead to sales generation. While you design your campaign, keep strengths and weaknesses in mind while creating a platform.

Step 2: Research and Learn about Your Target Audience

You shouldn’t have even invested a single dollar into AdWords. Instead, you will have to first invest your time and resources completely on understanding your audience. Look at the different types of sites your target audience usually spend time on: The kind of language and style those sites use, the way they look and sound like, Find the competitors who are running the ad campaigns effectively.

You can do all these researches using the AdWords platform and of course, many of these elements will be done without even spending a single dollar. Thanks to Google!

Step 3: Use a selective Goal for Each Campaign, and Don’t try to Combine them

When you’re planning to spend a particular portion of the marketing budget. It is important that you choose a specific goal for each campaign. Doing this will definitely improve the ROI of the campaign.

Step 4: Design a Targeted Landing Page for Your Ad

Design highly targeted landing pages which should directly address the query the user entered into Google.

Step 5: Design many versions of Ad Copies

Before you start off with your campaign, you need to create many versions of your ad copy — as many as you can practically produce, at least 10.

Slight changes in ad copy will give you a significant impact on the conversion rates. By testing many variations at the same time, will help you determine quickly, which versions convert best?

Step 6: Verify Positive ROI

When your campaign as started, set up specific goals. Now when the campaign is up and running, check that you are, in fact, generating a positive ROI you projected.

Step 7: Test, and Retest, Again and Again

The work of an AdWords marketing campaign can never be done. Once it’s up and running, you’ll be constantly making some adjustments. Try making small variations on ad copy, keywords, landing pages and anything else you want to see what works well and what doesn’t.

With a small improvement in ROI will make a big difference in the long term.


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