How to Get More Traffic from Facebook to Generate Leads

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Website Traffic Through Facebook

How to drive traffic to your website with Facebook?

Attract your customers and keep them engaged, strengthen your loyalty, and get people to visit your website. Facebook ads is an immense opportunity to build a database of people for the one who is interested in what you offer, as you know the reach and targeting options are going to exceptional.

Is this your Question, how to get traffic from Facebook ads?

Frequently publish interesting content

One of the simplest ways of building engagement and creating loyalty on Facebook can be done by sharing interesting ideas, news and different pictures of your products and services on your Page, numerous times a week.

Don’t forget to include links of your website on your Page posts and clear calls to action, this will get people to easily click through your website.

Get Ready with your Facebook Ads to increase website traffic

Now, Facebook Ads direct towards increased website traffic; they appear as large, clickable images on audience News Feeds in their desktop and mobile devices. This will optimize in getting more customers directly to your site included with special offers, product sales or your exclusive content.

  • Facebook is the single most important marketing tool.
  • I am sure you wouldn’t identify how to start up a new business without FB!
  • Promoted Posts links are directed to your site, FB promotes extra sales than any other marketing force.

Optimizing your landing page

As you promote your URL in your posts and Page post ads, you need to ensure to use relevant web pages that are optimized for conversion exactly. For example, when you’re promoting a new product, all you need to do is link people directly to that particular product’s page and make it easy for them to make a purchase rather than, taking them to a general or a non-specific homepage.

Your ads need to be Targeted

Facebook has various targeting tools that will help you reach the precise groups of people. For example, you could tap on the information such usage, location, gender, and interests to exhibit your ads to the right people.

  • Products advertised on your FB Page often sells out in no time at all.
  • Facebook is the best channel to go crazy about getting in new networks, and creating worldwide awareness.
  • Targeting audience by location and age has constantly increased the ROI of many people by advertising on Facebook.

Grab people’s attention to visit your website

To increase the website traffic, select “Clicks to Website” as your advertising objective. This is how it will benefit you:

  • Earns more clicks for your ads: Ads having this objective earns you more clicks and traffic to your website.
  • Catch up to people on the spot they’re engaged: Create ads that will be shown on the right column, or shown on the News Feed as you connect your ad to a Page your admin, this will get people to view on both mobile and desktop.
  • Get larger results: Ads in News Feed shows a larger image, that means you will have more area to showcase your brand and products. People will most probably get engaged with your ad, whether it’s clicking to buy a product on your website or clicking to know more regarding your business.

Hike your website conversions

To hike your website conversions, select “Website Conversions” as your advertising objective. This is how you will benefit:

  • Increase conversions: By creating a pixel and putting it on your website you can track conversions such as registrations, key page views, checkouts, leads, or customers adding items to a cart
  • Measurement: You can now Measure how many conversions and different versions of your ads are generating, as well as improve your ads by getting more website conversions.
  • Ad optimization: You can now optimize the ad delivery and ad spent on your conversions, on combining a conversion pixel along with the bidding option you can “Optimise for website conversions”.

Decide where you want your ads to show

Facebook has multiple ad placements which help you choose your business objectives.

  • News Feed for desktop and mobile: People are mostly committed in the News Feed, where they will stay connected with businesses similar to yours. FB is the only place where one can reach people through mobile, campaign thru word of mouth is the target of the Facebook experience, and provide an access to your website.
  • Right column for desktop only: Display your ads on the right column of Facebook where you get to share the unique offers with various audiences and have them straightaway to your website.

Measure and optimize

There are various ways to measure and optimize your ads for better results:

Amend for clicks bidding it is great for increasing website traffic, as it shapes up your ad for clicks and your ads will be presented to the audience probably to engage with the content

Test several kinds of Page post copy, calls to action, including images and offers to view the ones that drive the most seeing one.

Practicing Page Insights and the Ads Manager will let you see which posts and ads are performing best and which audiences are most engaged.

Ads Manager permits you to export particular reports to view what type of people are interacting with your ads. You can utilize these information’s to pep up your ad copies and images and continue functioning them with the top performing ads.

Creative tips

Testing your ads creativity will allow you to meet your goals and understand which types of ads perform well. Apply these rules to get the best results:

  • Try using multiple images: Choose at least 2 or 3 different images for every ad this will tell you which one is the most effective.
  • Shrink your text: To view your ads in News Feed, your image should not have more than 20% text. Utilize the grid tool for help.
  • Size your ads: Use only high-quality images that as a minimum image width of 600 pixels for it to appear in News Feed
  • Make use of Shutterstock images: You can access millions of professional images for free, from the adverts create tool.


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  3. Great Article… I love to read your articles because your writing style is too good, it is very helpful for all of us and I never get bored while reading your article because they are becomes a more and more interesting from the starting lines until the end.

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