How To Drive More Traffic To Website By Doing SEO

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To review the basic SEO practices and make sure they’re doing their job, probably the best way to decide is by what means, source or method to get those high-quality visitors.

Will a website get more traffic because your website is stunning with all the important SEO elements or is it because of your own hard work with targeted social media and other marketing campaigns?

Intending to get the most out of SEO, there is a list of several important details that you need to take care of. Firstly, by offering a unique, top-notch product. Secondly, you make sure your website looks attractive, starry and glamorous. Then, of course, you should be a social media rock star, actively engaging in the four big podiums (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest). Along with this, you will top it off with your incredible content writing. All these are being done with an effort to drive more traffic to the website. Everyone is looking for an answer to the question of how to get more traffic to website?

Here I have Five awesome ways to drive Traffic to the Website


On-page search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most essential components of a successful website. In 2018, it’s no longer acceptable to just sit back and post your contents consistently and tick the boxes — you really need to nail your SEO to stay ahead for the competition.

Make sure your site and content are as relevant as possible to those who are exploring your products or services. This denotes that you should be going an extra mile to research the suitable keywords, craft effective content and create captivating meta descriptions.


Turn over to the words and phrases that could make it simpler, straightforward and to the point in your site. For example, if your business is a Two-wheeler dealership, you may perhaps think that words like “Two-wheelers” are worth trying to rank for. And of course it would be great if all users who browsed “two-wheelers” were directed to your site, it’s definitely not that easy when there are millions of other sites about two-wheelers.

Alternatively, target to include long-tail keywords, like “used two-wheeler dealership.” Even if there are a limited number of people searching for this phrase “two-wheeler,” we should think about the purpose of the searchers. People searching “two-wheeler” could be looking for various reasons—may be forums, photos, or even for animated pictures—however, if people are searching for “used two-wheeler dealership” are most probably planning to buy a two-wheeler. While focusing on longer keywords, you will have a better chance of ranking well and attracting more qualified traffic, this gives an answer to those who are looking on how to get website visitors.


In addition to including keywords that exactly specify what your site is all about, you also need to include location-based keywords. Google and other search engines will have no idea on knowing where your business is located unless you tell them, so it’s very important to add city and region names if you want your site/blog to be viewed by the searchers in a particular area.

Setting off with the last example, if your dealership is located in Bangalore, you should include the keyword “used two-wheeler dealership in Bangalore.” This looks even more targeted, and this will increase your chances of being found by searchers nearby.


It’s with no doubts or surprise to see social media on this list. It’s one of the most effective ways to get more glances on your content and knock into your personal networks of your existing fans. One thing that may surprise you is the importance of hashtags. People have become gradually particular about the content that they go through, that means they’re switching to hashtags as a way to modernize the flow. Smart usage of hashtags will enable you to accurately target your perfect customer and outspread your reach beyond your existing audience.


 In Addition to keywords to your site, you also require a high-quality content to rank well. Despite the fact that the search engines cannot read your articles as humans do, they can find a few signals to choose whether or not your content is worth presenting to searchers.


it’s important to have significantly great content while creating pages on your site. But what should be the length of a content? Short write-ups could be easier to produce, better not to provide more to readers. consequently, you should also focus on quality over quantity. This did not mean that you need to write an encyclopedia-length page, make sure you always give an all-inclusive information to your site visitors.

Fresh and Unique

Search engines prefer sites that are “Fresh and Unique,” or that are regularly updated. This means that you could just create a number of pages and then allow it to stay there for months at a time, waiting for your site traffic to improve. Yes of course, when you are happy with the content on those pages, you don’t have to change them just for the sake of SEO. Rather concentrate on blogging. You could just post once in a week to keep going well, this will show the search engines that your site is being managed and updated regularly.


Considering on how to get traffic to my blog for the sites that perhaps only limits to one or two industries or interests, there are chances that some of the pages, articles, and blog posts get related. Whenever possible, link the contents together. If you are writing a post about Health care, for instance, link it to an earlier post about Yoga—and vice versa.


It is a belief that hard work always gets the best results, and when practiced it always ends up to be true. When it comes to the web it’s not going to be different. When you expect more organic traffic, you will have to work for it. This means giving the best effort every time, looking for opportunities with your competitors, being consistent, clever guest blogging, and always staying beside Google’s good side.


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  3. Great Article… I love to read your articles because your writing style is too good, it is very very helpful for all of us and I never get bored while reading your article because they are becomes a more and more interesting from the starting lines until the end.

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