How To Do Keyword Research By Using Google Ad Words

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Keyword Research By Using Google Ad Words

Keyword research is a procedure in finding out what people actually type into Google and Bing search engines — and how one can put his website in their view.

When you are planning to market yourself online, keyword research is the first and the most important thing one should do. Without this, your complete marketing efforts will go wrong, it would be like you are missing yourself in the dark.

The good news would be, Keyword research is done completely free. Just by using these simple, steps that will guide you to perform keyword research using Google’s AdWords Planner.

When you complete this how-to guide, you will be able to:

  • Setting up your free Google AdWords Planner account
  • Collate a list of related keywords for your organization
  • Look at the search volume for each keyword phrase — to know how many people were searching for terms related to you every month
  • Select the exact keywords you should follow
  • Decided content that you need to create to impress your valuable searchers to visit your website
  • Build a content calendar that’s relevant to long tail keywords.
  • Get to know more about your competition.
  • Lift up your search engine rank.

Though there are various high-level keyword suggestion tools that you can pay to access it, this is something you have to do. Rather than relying on a combo of free tools to collect a quality list that will get you results.

Are you now ready to take full advantage of these free keyword tools to achieve relative importance with search engines and give quality, purposeful content for your readers?

Top 7 Best keyword researching tools

Google AdWords: Keyword Planner

  • This has been one of the most obvious choices, this free keyword tool has become a favorite for many years.
  • Not just with the Google Keyword Planner, its good choice while starting a new site, and this might also change to be your best friend as you grow and deliver more content.
  • The foremost benefit in this tool is easy to view: you will be able to pull information directly from Google, that is the search engine you’re probably to target while optimizing your website.
  • The first steps are as easy as entering your keyword or keywords into the search box.
  • From here onwards, everything you require is given in a clear and concise way.
  • Along with your search terms, you will be given with many other ideas. Some of these might work and some wouldn’t. Whatever way, all you do is just pay close attention to all of your keywords. You never know when you’ll find a pearl.

Together with the keyword list, you’ll also find:

  • Average monthly searches
  • Competition
  • Suggested bid (if you’re using AdWords)
  • Maybe, the Google Keyword Planner doesn’t do something extraordinary. But whatever It does, it’s done perfectly and that’s what matters most.
  • If you’re looking out for keyword data from this source, then you will never go wrong with this tool.

Google Correlate

  • Google Correlate it is usually a skipped tool which is very powerful in generating a huge keyword list.
  • The most important reason to use this tool is its potentiality to view the keywords that get searched together. herewith this information, you can now start growing your keyword list.

IMforSMB Bulk Keyword Generator

  • Some of the keyword tools are suitable for every type of a website. But few others only a fit for a particular site type.
  • This is the situation with IMforSMB Bulk Keyword Generator. This tool will work best for local service companies since it’s designed with the idea of finding local keywords.

Keyword In

  • If you are looking to join your keywords in an easy way, you have got the right place.
  • Here it starts with all the long tail (or seed) keyword or keywords. From here, this tool will mash everything together, to give you a long list of potential keywords.


  • Did you ever try Google’s autocomplete feature in generating keywords or a blog post title?
  • If you have tried this trick in the past, then you’re going to love what Soovle has to offer.
  • This awesome free keyword research tool gives you autocomplete ideas from various sources, not only from Google. It helps you boost your search volume.
  • At the same time as you use it for Google suggestions, there now are many new sources, that including, Wikipedia, Yahoo, YouTube, and Amazon.
  • The foremost thing you need to perform is to select your source. Google will be the default, but you can change this easily, just by clicking on any of the many other icons that are below the search box.


  • Are you completely relying on the Google Keyword Planner?
  • If yes, then you can expect this tool to give you all of the keywords and data that you require to make a briefed choice. Welles this mostly holds the truth, it’s also important to know one thing: you will not get as plenty as data you think.
  • Ubersuggest gives you with keywords that you will not get in Google Keyword Planner.
  • Keeping all this in mind, I propose, you regularly run a Ubersuggest search, after looking for your keywords with the Google Keyword Planner.
  • Just type in your keyword in this keyword tool and click “suggest.” It will generate a list of keywords that will be huge enough to hold you busy for quite some time.

WordStream Free Keyword Tool

  • It is a free keyword tool for the first 30 searches, it doesn’t harm becoming familiar with what WordStream has to give.
  • Similar to many ways as Google Keyword Planner, this is also one of the most user-friendly keyword research tools on the list.
  • Just like every other tool, you are first asked to enter your keyword. From there on, you’re given a list of keywords.
  • Going ahead with the basic tool means exploring with the Free Keyword Niche Finder. Sticking to the “content marketing”.
  • The more and freer tools you use by WordStream, the more fascinated you’ll become.
  • Whatever may be the research for; you’re searching for keywords to your new site or need help in settling of a niche, if you want to completely rely on the tools offered by WordStream. They’re the best, accurate, powerful, and very informative.


While performing keyword research, there’s always a right way and a wrong way in trying your analysis.

Just as soon than guess and aim for the best. I ask you to experiment with all of these free keyword research tools. Doing this will take you a long way in making sure what you choose will be the right keywords for your new site, in that by leading your content strategy, increasing your ranking with search engines and taking you nearer to success.


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