Display Re-marketing Strategies Step by Step Guidance

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Display Remarketing

This is an ever-growing competition in connection with the tech-age business marketers that leads to rank higher on Google and other Search Engines. This being the case, marketers face a tough time obtaining familiarity on the internet. With the presence of this scenario, Google Remarketing comes in place as a boon in disguise for all the small business marketers to take it to the next level competition.

How to Create a Google Remarketing Campaign on AdWords?

Just before we start off with the Google Remarketing step by step guide for beginners, you need to make sure that you are having an AdWords campaign.

First, create your Google AdWords Campaign. Working on Search Networks, a Conversion Tracking Script should be installed on your website pages (This is the ones that you will use as the post-form-submission pages or thank you pages). This will help you to track all the conversions and know how well your ads are performing. Long with this, later it will help you, when you will be linking your Remarketing Campaigns with the tracking enabled pages (Since the conversions on tracking enabled pages also get tracked).

Now, let’s start off by creating Google Remarketing Campaign that will help you target your prospective customers more welcomingly. So, let’s discuss how to create your first and best-remarketing campaign and target all the visitors who viewed your website homepage.

Let’s begin

Step 1: Start off with your Google AdWords account, now Click on the ‘New Campaign’ option.

Step 2: You find a drop-down bar open down. Well, now select the first option, ‘Display Networks only’.

Step 3: Go for the Type of campaign of your choice. Type in the Campaign Name.

Step 4: Go for a specific Location or a group of locations where you want your ad campaigns to run.

Step 5: Type in your amount for daily Budget. You can also decide to manually set your bidding amount or allowAdWordsto set it for you. You could also decide upon to set up or modify the budget later.

Step 6: Now Click to Save and Continue (Keep in mind the setting here are all for beginners, I have just talked about the basic settings only. All advanced settings are not mentioned in this article).

Step 7: Below the Create Ad group, type in the Name of your first Ad group in the campaign.

Step 8: After this, write a name for your Ad group and decide an amount for the Default Bid.

Step 9: Decide on what means you want to target your ads and choose the Interest & Remarketing option.

Step 10: There are 3 options in a box that you could select:

  • Interest Categories
  • Remarketing Lists
  • Custom Combinations

Ok now select the second option – Remarketing Lists.

Well If you have already developed a remarketing list, choose now to target those leads. Otherwise, just go after these steps (bear in mind, if you quit from the settings and move out while creating a remarketing list then you might lose the settings that you haven’t saved).

Step A: Select- Shared Library option – on your left

Step B: Select – View under Audiences

Step C: Select – Green button – Set up Remarketing

Step D: You will now see the Remarketing code. Copy and Paste this on all the pages of your website and on all the post-form-submission pages (For instance: Thank you pages) of your ad campaigns (in the same source where you have your Google Analytics script).

Step E: Select – Continue after you finish.

Step F: so now you can Paste the URL of your site page. As mentioned, for the first ad campaign, paste the Homepage URL. It will assist you in targeting all the visitors who viewed your homepage. Later select Equals option.

Step G: According to your remarketing strategy, type in the Membership Duration, Remarketing List Name and the Description.

Step H: Select Save

Considering, you have created the Remarketing List, let’s get back to do the changes on the Display Networks.

Step 11: Retrace your steps & Select- All Online Campaign

Step 12: Select – your ad group.

Step 13:Select –  Remarketing List (redo the step numbers 7, 8 & 9). Add in your New Remarketing List that you have created.

Step 14:Click Save & Continue.

Step 15: Now you can start creating your ad. Select – option Display ad builder.

Step 16: Select from the various ad templates and modify your headings, description, picture, Logo and the CTA, of the ad respectively. There are various kinds of ad sizes or ad formats that are available for you to decide from.

Step 17: Once you have completed the setting up of your ad design and formats, select Save and Continue for billing.

Fill in all the personal details and create the billing. For some time, your campaign will stay under review. Once completed, your ads will start running on all display networks.

Mentioned above are all the basic settings one will require to get started with Google Remarketing Campaign. You will find many Advanced setting and options that are available to make your Remarketing strategies for more targeted options. To know more about Google Remarketing Campaign, visit this page: Support.Google.com.


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