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If your business is present online, you must be aware of the advantages that SEO can provide. You should understand the importance of attracting a quality audience to your website.

In order to attract potential customers, it is really important to monitor your campaign regularly.

For this purpose, many businesses today are using click tracking software or websites to keep an eye on conversions, optimization opportunities, and user engagement.

Many such softwares are available on the internet. ClickMagick is one such tool. This post presents a detailed ClickMagick review.

It includes the importance of ClickMagick, how it can be useful for your business, and the ClickMagick free trial.

Introduction to ClickMagick

What is ClickMagick?

What is Clickmagick By Rankwebner

ClickMagick is a web-based application that allows marketers/businesses to monitor their digital marketing efforts.

  • It allows you to check which links converted more sales, who clicked on your links, and optimizations related to your landing page.
  • You can check it all on your dashboard which is connected to a cloud-based server.
  • It also provides a report about what needs to change in your campaign.
  • It has a lot of wonderful features that can take your digital marketing game to the next level.
  • Let’s get into the detailed review and find out some of the features of ClickMagick.

Features of ClickMagick

The statistics provided by ad networks, social networks, autoresponders, shopping carts, CRM, or other marketing apps are not enough.

Because they do not have all the data points needed to produce an accurate and realistic understanding of marketing.

ClickMagick believes in “One True Source” – one place where everyone sees all the key marketing metrics and actual results, with precision targeting, all in one place.

Let’s get deeper into this ClickMagick review with the features that it supports:

Automatic and Intelligent Split Testing

Split Testing rankwebner

Also known as ‘Bucket testing’ it compares two types of campaigns to determine which one is better than the other.

Once installed, their related algorithms alert the user when testing a highly effective campaign and diverting the entire traffic to the automatic winning switch.

When done manually, it can consume a long time and will require immense effort. But with a ClickMagick tracker, this complete process is inexpensive, feasible, and easy to provide alternatives very quickly.

Track and optimize your sales funnel

14 Days FREE Trial Clickmagick rankwebner

ClickMagick is the most powerful tracking tool in the marketing industry these days to track every result.

It is a ‘state-of-the-art’ tracking solution ‘that helps smooth and fast-track solutions for marketing development where campaigns can prepare to add more sales and visitors to the pit.

It is built in such a way that it makes your Google, Bing, and Facebook ads more productive.

ClickMagick also gets new visitors and second-time visitors with ClickMagick because it shows both the unique clicks and full clicks.

Many exchange companies use it because it helps to get the details associated with clicks, IP addresses, and determining the quality of traffic.

Automatic traffic analysis

ClickMagick’s tool will determine the quality of traffic and immediately block fraudulent traffic or return it to bots.

The level is checked every second and there is no room for any dangerous or false traffic. The hunting tool blocks automated bots and ensures that traffic comes from time to time.

These bots can be clean and harmless individuals, thus reducing the presence of traffic scammers and lowering the price of the ad, targeting the right audience.

ClickMagick tracking tool analyzes and processes 1 million links simultaneously, without creating chances for bots.

Help Ad Networks find you more customers

There is room for four rotators within the possibility, especially sequential, Spillover, Fulfillment, and Random.

Users will permanently specify that the method should be distributed between links. It works by distributing traffic over a few links with some oddities and one can interrupt these links quarterly to improve it.

When you enter the rotator links, there is an area with many options such as the maximum slope for vehicles from Tier one countries, mobile traffic, start and end time with scheduler help.

Best Click Rotators

ClickMagick Comparison rankwebner

This is an easy-to-use feature in case someone needs to own a single property acquisition and wishes to look between completely different distribution links at the same time.

Reach multiple users simultaneously with ads because the tool revolves around various links. Combine all the intended links with the help of spillover rotator mode.

Traffic is evenly distributed and these will be paused or activated as per the results. Keep viewing ads more accurately with ClickMagick by specifying URLs and getting users what they really need.

Affiliate Marketing Tools

ClickMagick’s tool additionally selects a number of tools to promote collaboration, which can manage even a multi-million dollar business.

Created with full care, they promote relevant links and look at sales processes that users cannot control.

A machine-driven Separator Check Tool easily allows for the creation of landing pages and promotions.

Facebook Conversion API Integration

Features of ClickMagick rankwebner

Users should not be forced to suffer in relation to Facebook and Google Ads since ClickMagick Tool analyzes the quality of traffic and ad results for each Facebook and Google Ads.

The user will create custom targeting audiences and link them to Google’s Editing Platform for information. ClickMagick is fully integrated with Facebook’s conversion API.

Cross-Device Tracking

Directing the same user to completely different devices can be a daunting task. As visitors end up moving from one device to another, then it would be impossible to track activities from different devices of a visitor.

However, with the ClickMagick Pursuit Tool, it is very easy and simple to get the visitor into the funnel. Visitors usually tend to make a purchase from their PCs after a long time of stalking it out on their phones or iPad.

Visitors often build sales from their PCs after stalking to buy their phone or iPad. They provide the most difficult information analytics to search for multi-device visitors and allow tool users to target them in any available way.

24*7 Support System

clickmagick discount by rankwebner

There is a help button next to the options, which can help ClickMagick users to find out more about the tool. They have a highly effective support team that is ready to help you anytime.

There are local FAQ units, Support Tickets, and a gift of Video Tutorials to find out more about ClickMagick’s performance. Even if there is no telephone support right now, the current strategies are also very helpful.

Track Phone Sales/Offline Conversions

You can easily monitor your sales and revenue that has been made offline. For instance, a significant portion of your revenue comes from offline transactions.

Then, ClickMagick is the only tool for small businesses that can track these transactions accurately. You must be aware of the importance of keeping a track of these conversions.

Single Source of Truth

ClickMagick Review 14 Days FREE Trial

ClickMagick is your one-click solution to satisfy all your marketing needs.

You don’t have to rely on different apps for link tracking, traffic tracking, and optimization suggestions.

It’s packed with all these features. Moreover, you cannot trust the data and stats provided by marketing apps or individuals.

Thus ClickMagick is your single source of truth that presents accurate and genuine stats in front of you.

Real-Time Stats and Reports

In most click tracking software, you have to click a button several times in order to see the performance of all the metrics.

Moreover, you can’t check these performances at once. ClickMagick allows you to fetch the real-time reports for all of the data and reports.

Whether it be Conversion rate, profit, ROI, or any other metrics, all of it is just a click away. You can manage all of these metrics in real-time.

Automatic Bot Filtering

Bot Clicks are very abundant in digital marketing/affiliate marketing. You’ll not get desired results from your campaign if there is a large number of bot clicks on it.

Whether you are an affiliate marketer or a PPC specialist, dealing with bot clicks can be a challenging task. It can be either done by a robot or by your competitors.

ClickMagick filters these bot or spammy clicks and generates a report based on the real number of clicks, which leads to success. You can also filter your clicks based on a particular IP or that coming from a PPC advertising platform.

Multi-Platform Retargeting

Using multi-platform retargeting, you can boost your revenue by getting noticed on all the platforms on which your business is present.

Using ClickMagick, you can add unlimited targeting pixels to any of your tracking links irrespective of the platform on which the link is present. This can result in huge profits.

Video tutorials for features

clickmagick discount by rankwebner

Each ClickMagick feature is supported by a well-explained video of the same. These videos can easily be accessed.

This is extremely useful for beginners who are just starting with the platform and do not have enough prior knowledge about its functioning.

There are around 400 articles and tutorials that are present and these can help you with any doubt regarding tracking, testing, and optimization.

Who should use ClickMagick?

ClickMagick can be used by any person who is a digital marketer or whose business is present online.

Although, ClickMagick was developed by keeping some people in mind. ClickMagick can be of more importance to these people.

#1. Affiliate marketers and Bloggers

Whether you have to prevent bot clicks on your link while you buy clicks from an external platform or you use link rotators to divert the traffic to various links, ClickMagick helps you do that efficiently.

Affiliate marketers can track the effectiveness of their campaigns using it. They can also perform split testing, add timers and CTAs to their pages.

Some of the features of ClickMagick make it highly useful for bloggers. You can add multiple sub ids to a single link. Lock content on your blog and retarget the users via ads.

All these steps will lead to an increase in revenue and efficiency. Bloggers can also use the content feature and enhance the conversions.

#2. Solo ad sellers and Buyers

Click tracking is the most important tool for ad sellers and buyers. You can monitor the outgoing and incoming traffic easily with ClickMagick.

Ad sellers and buyers can use ClickMagick to send traffic to a specific location, track links for their email campaigns, and split links between several sites.

#3. E-commerce owners

It helps e-commerce owners in many ways. These are, retargeting the potential customers, integrating google analytics with ClickMagick so that retargeting becomes easier.

They can also build a mailing list and create awareness about their product using MagickPop.

ClickMagick Pricing


ClickMagick offers three different pricing plans. These plans vary in the features according to their prices.
These three plans are a starter, standard, and pro. The details of these plans and the features associated with these are given below IMAGE. ClickMagick offers a 14-day free trial for all customers.

ClickMagick Review: 14 Days FREE Trial

ClickMagick Comparison with Other Software’s

FeaturesClickMagickOther Softwares
Click Fraud Monitoring & Traffic Quality Analysisβœ”Limited
Advanced Geotargeting & Mobile Optimizationβœ”Limited
Multi-Mode Link Rotatorsβœ”Limited
Add Retargeting Pixels To ANY Linkβœ”βœ–
Dynamic Affiliate Linksβœ”Limited
Dynamic Ad Network Token & Sub-ID Passingβœ”Limited
Google Analytics Compatibleβœ”βœ”
Lightning-Fast Link Redirectsβœ”Limited
Public Stats Sharingβœ”βœ”
New Features Monthly Based On User Feedbackβœ”βœ–
Growing Tutorial & Training Video Libraryβœ”Limited
Fanatical US-Based Support Teamβœ”βœ–

Pros and Cons of ClickMagick


  • The most important advantage of ClickMagick has linked rotation that helps you in diverting traffic to two different links.
  • Cross-platform conversion tracking can help you get customers from different platforms and it is quite advanced when it comes to ClickMagick. It integrates with Facebook and Google analytics.
  • ClickMagick has comprehensive features.
  • ClickMagick has personalized documentation which is lacking in almost all software. It is really unique. It is quite detailed and everything is explained clearly.
  • They have email support which is fast, responsive, and provides quality support. It’s a one-hour fast support system.
  • They have a lot of useful functions like IP lookup, pixel Debugger, etc.


  • The UI/UX can be simplified further in order to be friendlier to beginners. It seems like a lot of features are packed into it. If you are a beginner, you’ll always be looking at their text documentations.
  • ClickMagick is relatively expensive. Although, there are other tools that are even more expensive.
  • No live chat support
  • Users are expected to know HTML for some functions.

Why is ClickMagick so well known

We’ve already provided the answer in the features of ClickMagick.

ClickMagick is packed with tons of useful features using which you can manage your digital marketing campaigns efficiently.

Moreover, there are some unique features that are available only in ClickMagick. This is another reason why this platform is so known.

Some of these unique features are differentiating between a bot/spammy and a genuine click, availability of cross-platform link tracking which helps in calculating revenue that every platform is generating, and including multiple sub ids, which is already discussed.

After offering all these features and services, the pricing of ClickMagick is justified which is also one of the most contributing factors of ClickMagick’s success.

Their fast email support system also implies that they care about customer satisfaction and they value their customer.

This is considered to be an awesome practice to increase the customer base. And ClickMagick is keenly focusing on these areas.

There are some other factors that make ClickMagick so well-known and these in a broader view are providing better services than their competitors and keeping justified pricing for their products.


  • 1.
    ClickMagick has tried every possible thing to satisfy the customers and for this reason, they have developed this start-up guide keeping the beginners in mind. It will take somewhere around an hour to complete but it’s worth it.
  • 2.
    You can refer to help videos if you are stuck at any place. It’s always a good thing to learn something new. Every feature of ClickMagick is supported with a detailed video. You can take advantage of these free resources in order to get better at this platform.
  • 3.
    Initially, when you’ll start using ClickMagick, you’ll have a lot of data and you want to analyze it all at once. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. You have to be patient. You should not try to make things perfect especially when you are beginning with it. You’ll reach there eventually.


If you are a digital marketer or small business present online or a solo ad seller, you are aware of the importance of click tracking. There are a lot of software’s out there which can handle this type of task.

ClickMagick is one of these software’s which offers all the necessary services at a reasonable price. It provides an accurate analysis of clicks, conversions, and your overall campaign.

This is ideal for affiliate marketers, independent bloggers, e-commerce owners, and solo ad sellers.

It is a cloud-based web application, through which you can manage all measures related to your campaign in a single window. Fake traffic can have a negative impact on your campaign.

Therefore, it is necessary to filter out bot clicks. ClickMagick does this efficiently and accurately.

In this article, we provided a detailed review for ClickMagick. I hope you understand that why ClickMagick is important for your business and in which ways it can help you. It can help you in getting more clicks, more conversions, and eventually more revenue.


Is ClickMagick provide a free trial?

Yes, ClickMagick offers a 14-days free trial which enables you to try the ClickMagick tool without any hassles.

I am a beginner digital marketer. Can I use ClickMagick?

ClickMagick is not an ideal choice for beginner digital marketers as its UI is somewhat complex and confusing. Moreover, it is packed with a lot of features that you might not be aware of. So it is advised that you can start with simpler tracking software or you can go through the ClickMagick documentation and video tutorials.

Is there a good support system for help?

Every feature of ClickMagick is supported with a detailed video. You can take advantage of these free resources. Moreover, they have one-hour email support. You can contact them if you are stuck at some point or having any technological issues.


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