10 Amazing Tips to Write The Best Mobile PPC Ads

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An effective advertising strategy in marketing is to deliver the right ad, to the valid person, at a suitable time in the right place. Based on the device, PPC managers started creating device targeted PPC ad campaigns to differentiate and customize messages accordingly easily. One of the top mistakes many AdWords account holders do is to write ads that are not mobile specific. Device targeting is useful and it is pivotal to write mobile selective ads. As an advertiser, if you are targeting smartphones, then it is a must for you to write mobile specific ads.

Why Write Text Ads ThatAre Mobile Specific?

Mobile ad interaction is wholly based on the structure of the user’s day. Mobile ads will have a peak number of clicks at around 6 p.m, which indicates that searchers use mobile phones and click on those ads shortly after work. Just assume the number of people who see their mobile phones on the public transport/subway on their way home after work. All these people can be treated as your potential customers whom you could be reaching with your mobile PPC ads!

A shortened desktop website version is equal to a mobilewebsite version. Websites that are designed and optimized for mobile deviceswill have fewer pages, shorter descriptions, and fewer images. For visitors tounderstand and navigate more effectively on smaller screens than on desktops,it is essential to optimize websites for mobile devices, which brings customersthe best mobile experience. This further leads to high conversions. The sameprinciple is taken into account when it comes to writing text ads that aremobile specific.

For example, let us consider that a person is searchingfor an Italian restaurant on their desktop. That person might be interested inchecking out the menu and other features, so the ad should be writtenaccordingly to the desktop. If the same search happens on a mobile device, thenthe ad should contain information like the restaurant’s location, hours ofoperation, etc.., Visitors would be more likely to click those ads that aretargeted based on the device.

InterestingInformative Data:

  1. Duringweekends, between 5-8 a.m, there is a sharp rise in the click rates.
  2. Duringweekdays, click rates begin to rise and peak around 6.00 p.m and startdeclining after that.

This means that you can start using thefunctionality offered by enhanced campaigns to focus your ads not only onspecific geographical areas but also at particular days and times when morepeople are likely to click on your mobile PPC ads.

HowTo Customize Mobile PPC Ads:

Both Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising offer visitors the ability to use a mobile URL. It helps in allowing visitors to land on a webpage that is optimized for smaller devices and mobile functionality. To improve the ROI of your mobile ads, you need to optimize and elevate your mobile ads with the below x elements.

1. Headline

First thingsfirst. While writing a mobile PPC ad, it is vital to write a highly appealingheadline. The first line has a huge potential to draw the searchers inside yourwebsite and let them know that you have a high mobile-friendlyoffer/product/service.

Include the primary benefit of your product or service immediately after the short, keyword-rich headline. By using plain and simple language, tell your potential customers how choosing your business will benefit them.

2. Description

Make sure that your descriptions are short, crisp, eye catchy, and up to the point. Truncated descriptions can annoy searches, leading them to leave your website. Hence to write descriptions that are mobile targeted, don’t use more than 60 characters. Include attractive phrases in the description.

3. Call To Action

Include CTAphrases that can never resist the users to click. You can add a call to actionphrases that work extremely well on mobile devices. Examples include “Visityour nearest location”, “Apply now from your mobile”, “ Easy mobile booking”, “Buy from your mobile phone”, “Download the mobile app”, “Get Quote” etc..,

4. Sitelinks

Drive yoursearchers to more in-depth content on your website using mobile-optimized sitelinks. For the mobile version of the ad, site link extensions appear in acarousel format which displays up to 8 links. Use this fabulous opportunity tocustomize and target ad copies for mobile users. By including hours anddirections, in-store deals near you, etc.., customize your website’s site linksfor mobile devices.

5. Message Extensions

This, under usedextension, has vast potential when explored. Once the searcher clicks on “Textus for more information”, then he/she is replied with an automaticadvertiser-supplied message.

6. Location Extension

Mobile marketingwith location targeting shows the customer a right ad at the right place.Including location extension in your ads, assures your audience that your brandprovides services in their location and that your advertisement is meant forthem. This also helps in developing an emotional connect as each the readersthink, “Hey, I’m in Bangalore, and maybe I need this; let me keep reading.” Hencetake full advantage of this dynamic location insertion as this attracts yourpotential customers.

7. Include Your Phone Number

Based on a Google survey, 80% of mobileusers who are browsing a company’s website expect to find a mobile number/a click-to-calllink. People typically like to reach a human (customer service) who cansimplify their tasks and in fact, work on their behalf.

Start taking advantage of this mentalityof the user and get the most number of leads as the searcher is already on thephone and ready to talk to you. Never pass up this golden opportunity to speakwith them.

8. Ease Of Use

If you are running an e-commerce website,make sure that your website doesn’t suffer from small screen size. In thisworld of growing internet retail marketers, remember having a small screensized mobile site increases the bounce rate of the website.

For example, as a website owner if you areusing a one-click payment method for billing purposes, then improve thecustomer retention rate by eliminating the need for the shopper to enter thecard details and address manually.

Also, incorporate a sign-in mechanism whereinthe customer can put their required items to their shopping cart on a mobiledevice and further continue their shopping with the same cart on their desktop. 

9.Keep Your Ads Short And Brief

According to a study conducted on effective mobile ad writing, mobile ads with four words or less received 35% more clicks compared to wordy words that are creative. Keeping mobile ads short and sweet is one of the most essential and best practices for mobile PPC ads. Make sure to write clear and concise messages as brief as possible.

10.Connect With Your Customers Using Action Verbs

Powerful verbs deliver a highly robustengagement. Let us consider the below example.

Endof Season Sale, Shop now and save up to 50%.    

Savings ofup to 50% available right now.

Now, tell me whichone more appeals to you? Great verbs not only act as an energy booster for yourad but also create an emotional relationship between your brand and youraudience. Your work is done, once your searchers start to imagine their life asyour customers. So, never forget to pack your ads with powerful verbs.

11. IncorporateTime-Sensitive Wording

“A potential customer in need is a clientindeed.” Mobile users tend to have more urgency than those who are browsing on theirdesktop.

Connect with your potential customers whoare in need, and let them know that you can help them with whatever they need.Also, please provide them with some irresistible offers. This undoubtedlyincreases the chances of making them interact with you and your ad, and youwill get high conversions for sure.

12. Never Ignore The Sentence Structure

Great potential words shouldend at last. Writing great ads is just not about the words which we use, but itis a lot more about the order in which we use those words.

Tip:  “End your sentence with the most powerful andemphatic words”

Put an important word at thebeginning and end the sentence with some powerful words. Play with your wordorder, and you will find a vigorous sentence/message that can attract theusers.


  1. Ifany ad is truncated, then users will not be able to see the total message ontheir small mobile screens. Hence try to avoid writing truncated ad copies.
  2. Basedon your business needs and everything, try adding promotion extensions for adson mobile devices.
  3. Similarto desktop, perform A/B testing for mobile devices by running at least twomobile ads at the same time to check which one would perform the best.
  4. Ifyou feel that mobile app downloads are essential, then consider utilizing mobileapp extensions.
  5. Makesure that the display URL that displays on mobile devices are mobile targeted.


Besidesbuilding strong brands, along with meaningful customer relationships, amobile-optimized website or app has become critical in driving valuableconversations.

With these tips, you can quickly write ad copies that are mobile-specific. Make sure to take time to write these ads as these mobile-specific ads have the potent to engage, reach, and convert your target audience through mobile. Share the experiences that you have had with your mobile PPC advertising in the comments below.


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